lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Spending great time in Antalya

I giorni successivi alla fine del mese del Ramadan (3 giorni), sono chiamati Bayrams e sono considerati giorni festivi in cui solitamente le famiglie si riuniscono per passare del tempo insieme.
Io ne ho approfittato e mi sono concessa una bella vacanza di 6 giorni in Antalya. Mi sono messa d'accordo con una delle ragazze conosciute all' on arrival training, la mia compagna di stanza e nel giro di 2 giorni abbiamo prenotato albergo e biglietti dell'autobus.
Viaggio interminabile, 9 ore!! E l'unico modo per raggiungere la regione di Antalya è prendere l'autobus, non ci sono mezzi alternativi come il treno dal momento che il territorio non è pianeggiante...

Following days after Ramadan's ending (3 days) are called Bayram and those are considered like holy days which families usually meet each other to spend time together.
I took the opportunity and I planned a great vacation of 6 days in Antalya. I agreed with one of the girls I met during my on arrival training, my room mate and in about 2 days we bought bus tickets and accomodation.
The travel was soooo long, 9 hours!!! And the only way to  reach the region of Antalya is to take the bus, there are no alternative transportations like train cause the land is not a flat land but carachterized by hills and mountains..

Along the way to Antalya!!! View from the bus...

There were so many tourists cause Antalya is very famous for its wonderful beaches and seasides.
We really had great time there cause there were also many locals and pubs where to go at night, many "bazars" too where to buy typical turkish stuff.

Konyalti Beach 

At the harbor

çay var

Adrian's gate

Having fun with the other girls, drinking something, listening live music in a pub in old town Kaleici

Boat trip 

At the square with colourful fountaine

Music is in the turkish people's blood, definetely!

Along the way to Olympos

Olympos beach

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